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49 Ahmed Kasem Gouda St., Off Abas E Akad, Nasr City
Phone: (+20) 0100 957 5726

About Us

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Satisfaction Guarantee

We are customer oriented, keen to achieve our customers maximum satisfaction and we believe that our reputation basically relies on that. There is no other option; customer comes #1, customer must be satisfied…

Trusted Products

We purchase our products directly from the manufacturing & distributing companies in Brazil, USA, UK, UAE.. We never purchase local, Middle-Eastern brands nor brands sold through intermediaries; High quality, safe products cannot be compromised

GO Safe – Go High Quality

We are honest enough to work with formaldehyde-free or 0.2% formaldehyde (which is the max safe % as per the FDA) original brands even if they won’t produce an overwhelming result first time & we have the courage to say this to our customers. Our policy is to achieve the best possible result within a safe context.

Top Rated Brands

All treatments we use are highly reputable brands, are thoroughly researched & assessed through interviews, customers reviews, customers surveys and are tested & applied by all Gloria’s staff & network before applying them to customers..
What we use for our customers is what we practically believe in & indeed what we use for ourselves.

Gloria in a Nutshell

– Free hair care consultation
– Professional hair treatment services (Keratin, Protein, Hair Botox)
– High quality hair treatment products
certified hair treatment specialists
After care Products
– Satisfaction guaranteed

Our History

Established in 2010, Gloria is the first professional hair treatment center in Egypt …. With staff certified from Glamour Academy in the UK, we are specialized in the provision of all types of hair treatments, hair care products as well as free hair care consultation services, customized to your hair nature, type & condition
We offer a solution rather than a treatment; we provide free of charge hair care consultation to identify your hair nature, type, condition & recommend the most suitable treatment for you.
We exclusively provide natural hair mask programs that support the treatment, rejuvenate, restructure & nurture the hair & help sustaining the result.
In addition to being one of the first hair treatment centers in Egypt, we provide all the after care products and recommend a complete ongoing after care program for you.