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Keratin Treatment

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Duration: 30 minutes

Keratin is a rebuilding, reconditioning treatment made of keratin, -the same thing our skin and nails are already made of-, plants and oil extracts & collagen. It is just putting more of it back into the hair and scalp to make it healthier & stronger! The formula restores & restructures hair by infusing a special blend of natural keratin deep into the damaged cuticle by the heat of the flat iron to relax the hair’s sub-cuticle layer.

Keratin treatment is a revolutionary hair method that softens, smoothes, and dramatically relaxes your curl! It does not involve any strong chemicals, but rather employs a solution containing all-natural keratin to work with the hair cuticles and gently take its place inside your hair.

Keratin basically improves the hair quality, texture & condition. It softens the hair making it look more healthy, shiny & with an added volume. It eliminates frizz up to 70-90%, and reduce curls on an average of 50-90% depending on the hair texture, nature, condition and curls type.

BKT actually works best with damaged hair—in fact, the more damaged the hair, the longer it lasts! In general, though, the treatment usually lasts anywhere between two and six months.

Because this is not a permanent treatment, as the keratin-based solution diminishes over time, your hair will return to its natural form. The hair, however, will stay soft, shiny & healthy looking. The more you receive the treatment, the healthier & more manageable the hair becomes. It will require less blow-drying time &flat iron results will be excellent in few minutes.